What makes a good landing page design

What makes a good landing page design

Is it just about showing your product and services on the landing page which is needed for a good business landing page? Then what makes a good landing page design? It’s a very common and important question within the digital community that how to design a landing page that converts. Before giving tips for landing page design to make an effective landing page design, I would like to define a landing page first.


What is a landing page:

Let’s assume you are all set with your marketing plan.  Your website is getting traffic from organic SEO, you have setup paid search ads on Google and Bing. Your social networking ads are also running. Now when people will click on your ads they will be redirected to a page that you have set as the destination URL. Your paid marketing ads have done their work, now it’s your landing page that should be able to engage your leads and make them convert. Unless and until your landing page is well designed considering your client perspective it won’t be able to convert. After all, it’s all about action your website visitors take rather than a huge no. of traffic only. Now the question is what makes a good landing page design? So here we go with the landing page tips.


Tips on how to create an effective landing page design:

  1. Create effective and engaging headline: Headline is the first thing visitors read on your landing page, so create your headline in an effective manner which will cater to the need of your visitors. If the headline is not attention- grabbing you will not be able to hold your website visitor for long. A typical visitor makes a decision within a few seconds when they land on any website whether he or she is at the right place or not. So don’t miss the chance and engage them with the effective headline.
  2. Clean, simple and attractive design: Everyone knows the value of look and feel for anything, so the same applies to your landing page design also. It should give your user-friendly experience with neat and clean, attractive design, color combination, and navigation. Don’t let your prospective customer bounce from the website due to untidy visuals. Put a high-quality image, videos on the site to give it a fresh look. Use a readable font and font size. Organize each and everything like image, content, and services in a manner that it is easily searchable to the visitor while navigating on different tabs or content.
  3. Tailor your landing page for individual audiences: First, learn the behavior of audiences coming from different channels. An audience from social media sites would be completely different from the one who is coming from PPC ads. Tailor your landing page to meet the need for a different kind of audience. Remember your goal is not all about showcasing your audience about your all services and products but to show them what they are looking for.
  4. Clear landing page Call to action: It is one of the most important elements of your landing page. The main aim of your landing page is to provide a gateway to the visitors to sign them in by taking the desired action. Call to action means what you want to make your visitors do. Maybe its Buy now, Request a quote, Call now, Schedule a consultation, etc.
  5. Make your contact form short: Many a while it has been seen that a long form with several fields to fill irritates your visitors and they move on to your competitor website in between filling the form. So make it as short as possible, after all, your client will definitely discuss everything with you in detail once you will set up a meeting. So never lose your leads due to the contact form issue.
  6. Mobile friendly landing page design: With the Smartphone market growing leap and bounce, the number of visitors from the mobile devices has also been increased drastically. Apart from that google mobile-friendly websites guidelines may cause bad SEO ranking on SERP. So the responsive landing page design is very much necessary.
  7. Trust signal and social status: Your past reputation, publicity, and client feedback play a vital role in building trust for your business. Use them a lot to win the trust of your visitor. Showcase testimonials from your past clients. Show them your social media likes, share, feedback, and rating so that they can know that your expertise.

Perhaps you are now aware of what makes a good landing page design. Now when you have a great landing page the final thing that will be ongoing is testing and tracking.

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