Step by step points to go through while hiring a website design company

In this post, I am going to give some tips on how to choose the best Website Design Company. Hiring a website design company is not a simple task as you are going to entrust someone for your business and its marketing both. I set up an online meeting with several companies every day for their web design and development requirements. I give them a clear approach to their business needs. I feel they face lots of confusion while discussing with Web Design Company they would like to hire. So, I feel sharing some tips that would help them choose the best web services provider for their website.

  1. Review proposal or the company website: Check whether they have mentioned some of the words like conversion, ROI, Lead generation, Visitors, revenue goal, increase sales, etc. Or not. If yes, then you can move to step 2 and if they have just mentioned words like beautiful, modern, make the difference, branding type of words just leave them. Web Designer is meant to design something beautiful and attractive if they design that is ugly then definitely they will not be called as Designers. So there is no point showing these words. Award more points to the Web company who mention how you need to work with good content writer for your website so that it helps you to give a better presentation to the visitors not only in terms of design but also the words that it speaks to the visitors.
  1. Resource, Price, and Time frame: These three terms play a significant role for both agency and client. You are buying some professional service, so there would be a team of a web designer, web developer and other experts should be putting in the time to plan, design, develop and manage the project. So first thing to ask is which of their team members would be working on the project and how much expertise do they have? Cost is definitely a deal maker or deals breaker but the fact “you get what you pay for” fits well for web design and development world. Analyze the ROI and don’t try to cut costs for saving a few dollars, as this may affect the result that you may have planned. Most important thing is to discuss the extra billing if some of the extra features are required to be added apart from the scope. Similarly, check for the time given by the agency to complete the project with your planned launch date.
  1. Identify their track record: This is a much important question before hiring is how reliable is the agency. Ask your agency for what kind of clients have they worked with and with how many of them have an ongoing working relationship. Ask for the kind of websites and results that have been delivered earlier.
  1. Examples of sites with similar goals and features: Ask for the sample portfolio with similar kind of goals and features. That way you can assess the work done and ask for the challenges faced and how the results met the project’s goal. If the agency hasn’t built a similar site before then review their other sample work and ask for their approach towards your project. Try to understand do they have a clear idea for your project or not. Look for a company that has worked on a wide variety of designs and websites.
  1. How do they staff a particular project and ensure that the project executes properly: Last but not the least, check for the staff who will work on your project and whether their planned approach meets your business goal. What tools and technologies they will be using? How you would be able to review the work progress? Ask these questions in advance.

Now, are you ready to discuss your next project? Request a quote today or send your invite on Skype to discuss how we deliver all the above-mentioned points to our clients and how we can help you build a unique website for your business.

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