Magento has been one of most popular E-commerce website development port around the world. Today, there is the number of retail websites is available but the 90% of total revenue is getting generated by only 1% of them. The leaders like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay are the players but that does not mean there is no space for local companies. An open-source platform like Magento and our expert Magento developer has helped companies from a small enterprise to large in building their online store. Magento has always been one of the most demanding platforms for retail website development because it provides a fast, efficient and secure way to do shopping and transactions. Unisoft Informatics as being top Magento development company can prepare such platform for you. Click here to Hire Magento Developers

Magento based websites have more than 29% of market shared and some of the leading online eCommerce companies are using it. This provides the verity of functionalities to users and makes shopping a pleasant experience. This also understands the Google Algorithms and help in the promotion of your website. Therefore, there are millions of lovers of Magento around the world.

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Here we will discuss how Magento help to build your online Megastore:

1. Magento provides fully customized website design:

It is quite frustrating when you are paying for services and cannot even make changes as per your business. This will surely not meet your requirements and your money will go to waste. Now Magneto has been an open source platform allow you to fully customize your website as per your business needs and requirements. This also provides tools and functions for designing. This gives you bespoke, responsive design, a powerful product merchandising options and number of plug-ins. You can be assured that you’ll get a website which is tailored as per your business. Hire Magento developer with just a few simple steps.

2. It comes with built-in reporting and analytics tools:

You must be aware of how your website is working and who all are visiting on it. It cannot be like you it will run always like its own. To make it live you should continuously make changes and those can be done only if you have a data of progress. To know what your visitors are looking for? To know what make then stay on your website for longer? and which part of the country of the world is using your website more? You must have statistics ready with you. Magento provides inbuilt comprehensive reporting system which can provide you data on everything. If you want to know about your sales or search terms or visitor purchase history or anything, you’ll get refined data which can improve customer loyalty.

3. Manage multiple E-commerce websites from the single platform:

If you are thinking to open an online E-commerce store, you must be aware that it cannot be single operation site. You’ll have one portal for customers, other for sellers, one for back working staff and other for shipping. Now how hectic it can be if you need to manage the number of platforms for all these activities? If you want to fully grow your business with all sections, Magento can be your friend as it allows you to operate from the single platform for many sites. You can handle details like customer information, settings, and product catalogues, saving you lots of time and money for your business.

4. Best E-commerce platform:

It has the most market share in the world among all open source eCommerce development platforms. There is nothing which can be compared Magento. The main reason behind it been top E-commerce development platform is that, it has the number of plug-in’s, tools, allow a user to customize it as per their business needs can act as the single platform for many e-commerce websites. Due to its high demand, Magneto2 has been launched in the year of 2016 and has started gaining its market share. Magento 2.0 can be deliver everything you need to make your eCommerce website more beautiful, attractive, user-friendly and promote visitor with what to next option. You can get all from heightened user engagement and better performance to an easy and fast navigation system and enhanced productivity.

5.A Future ready platform:

Magento is not only for today, it is a future-ready platform. Your website is not something which will be only today. It’ll be available tomorrow, next month and for sure next year or probably for next decade as well. A website is something which requires proper maintenance, development, and refreshment of its content to keep it live in the market, meet its trends and support your business as it grows. This becomes more important if you are in the E-commerce business. Now Magento can be your best friend in this process. This has everything you need now or probably need in future so that you do not require to start from the binging. This is one of the best international open source platforms and comes with multi-language support, currency and tax calculators and other rich functionality for making your business easy.

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