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Google changing its ways to present website on top. Now it is looking for sites which get load quickly toamp website development
enhance user experience. It is applicable for both PC as well as mobile platform. The tool which can help your website to load quickly and promote on top is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). It is basically a type
of HTML only, just the difference is that these pages are superbly lightweight and their critical designs make them fast loading, can say “it is faster cause HTML is cut down”. The whole platform AMP is
especially for pure speed and readability. It restricts loading of images in starting if your internet connection is slow so that sites can load quickly, and Even Google has announced that AMP framework is too accessible for the creation of any fast loading mobile website.

Convert website to AMP

This platform is getting popular day by day because it acts as an open source library and provides
straight pathways for the creation of compelling, smooth, quicker, improves the overall condition of the
site and provides a hassle-free experience to users, even users like such sites, they hate waiting for
pages to get a load. AMP platform is great when it comes to mobile websites based on Internet
Magazines, blogs or news site. This platform is compatible with all browsers.
This AMP platform has three components:

  • HTML: This version of AMP comes with some restrictions on performance but is simplest of
  • JS: AMP JS is used to manage the loading of resources and give you customized, faster and
    reliable experience.
  • Cache: This is a type of proxy-based content delivery network and uses your browser cache
    memory to load sites faster.

Unisoft Informatics is one of the world’s fastest growing website development company and consists of a network of a
large number of online business advisers.
At Unisoft Informatics, we have the team of expert mobile website designers who own experience of
more than 7+ years. They are trained and certified for the development of sites using this AMP platform.
Their hard work is result oriented and the delivered website put you apart from your competitors. The
website created by us comes with stunning visuals and well structured. These sites work as a funnel for
new clients and increase purchasing.

The Key Features for Convert web pages to AMP:

  • Increase Page load speed for mobile
  • Higher ranking in SERP
  • Custom Design
  • Responsive theme
  • Full Content Management System

How website with AMP work:

In binging we will create two versions of each article page, first will be what normal users will see and
second will be AMP version. AMP website development does not support things like 3 rd party Java, on page contents or other
elements which usually standard sites content. Multimedia should be handle especially, like for images
and GIF we use tools like amp img element or amp anim extended component.
For hosting videos, we use specially designed custom tags and tools such as amp-video, amp-youtube
The designing and planning team of Unisoft Informatics put all effects to convert your dream into reality. We do that
by first analyzing your business needs and type of clients searching for you. Then we also analyze on
which devices they are searching for you so that we can identify criticality, need and type of your
website. Later we work towards the success of your business world-class website which is
specially designed for your business. By using top class AMP platform, we ensure that you do not let
behind in the race of. We intergrade this feature in such way that it will load your website faster
especially on mobile devices so that most of the world population who is searching you online on their
min computers without comprising on design and looks. This helps in promotion as well and you start
coming on top.
We also ensure that we are present always for any kind of support or suggestion you needed by our
24×7 customer service team. They are expert and can easily provide you with time solution. Later we
also deliver whole root cause analyses (RCA) report to you so that you can find where the problem was.
We know how much your business is critical for you and what negative effect can it give if your work
So, if you are ready to go with this future technology and want to be ahead on race then convert your
WordPress website into AMP (WordPress to AMP conversion). Ring us now so that our expert
consultants can start working for you.

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